Thursday, May 6, 2010


well.. recently i kinda notice i've been complaining and whining a lot about everything... =.= so a big sorry to all those who i have annoyed and thank you for baring with me in this stage*bows* i'm still learning everyday haha.. plus in another three days some one will be leaving for awhile.. so more bearing to do with... But i have more sudden cravings to play sports :P RAWR.. other then that i still learned a lot more stuff just when i thought i learned enough already gosh.. so for now i'm heading back to watch more movies cause someone has been inspiring me to watch more @.@ and i'm quite please with all the movies i never knew existed that were so good!!! haha
so tomorrow onwards i shall stop complaining and whining and bear with it and shut my pie hole :D

and.....some how i still don't see it, but i will continue believing it..... people... please mean what you say :)

peace out!!! i've got this urged to play ping pong now.. haha seems like the cool sport to play at lakeside since everybody's picking it up

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