Saturday, April 3, 2010


even thou "it" is starting, "was" will never die i promise you that
today was a very very indescribable day.. as BBQ was good the sleep was good :)
BUT most of all i had a very weird experience with this cab driver. Well after a few small talks with him like where u from.. where u heading.... he started to ask my age and tell me about his sex life.... WHAT THE @#!$(*.... then he was telling me about how he had like 10 girls to play with when he was my age.... and how he would go to the Spa to get laid now cause his wife always bising him... OMG... and for a moment there i swear i thought he was going to rape me =.=.. he had his horny face while he was teaching me how to please a girl... this kinda guys should really just die... for one at least for cheating on his wife and 4 kids i forgot to mention... well if you see this cab W**6390 pls stay clear lol... especially suzuki xD

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