Monday, March 8, 2010

random snap shots of the competition...

well if it was not for my friend i won't go this competition lor... why?

girls are super cocky

there was only two good looking girls one my friends GF
and this babe

i felt the singer was talentless... performance was super staged and her dance was LOUSY!!!
not to mention she looked OLD!! but shes like 20
even the poster's picture was worth taking

officall photographers were weird... believe it or not... the short guy is using a D3 the only nikon user the big red guy 5dmark II and only they were professional in how they work around the models *note they were the only one smart enough to take the chair first the rest only follow.. while the rest of the officall photographers all flaunting their Canon and L but flash leh
use nissin Di622 some more aiya

i will never go this kinda competition anymore saw some old gear head uncles came early then ciao so fast... over heard them say can't get anything nice from here... and i should have listen to them...

my best shots for the day was from the lrt station some more... aiya... lol learn something new that day..

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