Monday, November 30, 2009

Lets be kind and rewind lol....

OK there has been alot of fans and anti fans of the hold twilight saga... but i think the most depressed people are the real vampires if they exist that's of course..... so lets have a little comparison with ............


well first things first this is not a hate post to twilight fans but just a fun comparison cause i thought it was funny when i think of it...

  • Vampires are suppose to melt in the sunlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Edward Cullen #$%@#$% GLITTERS IN THE SUN
  • Vampires then, sees the prey.... stalks the prey...... and sucks the blood out of them
  • Edward kenudells with bella in the grass..... =.=
  • Vampires kills their victims after they carry them
  • Bella get free piggy back rides from Edward.....

and just to name a few lol.... and there are so much more but this are the few that makes sense lol..... so go back and think about it... even Sara told how twilight saga ends.... everyone was really knocked over i guess about how stupid the ending is... lets see how they put that into a movie.... thats it for today haha

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