Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thus the season once again.....

haha well... people may deny it, people may curse it, people may hate it, or even love it.. lol the season is here once again guys... u know what i mean... haha... anyways...more about yesterday.. well i was feeling down after a very emotionally draining night and thx God steve was celebrating teng's birthday so i had friends to be around to avoid the emo mojo..... then we had our guy meeting again with kent, steve with him mom problem, nick...and gay suzuki :D *even his pals jamie and the rest was saying he looks like a girl..the hold time! Suzuki.. we still love u hahaha...* and we discovered two things in the Gardens Mid Valley... one... there is one shop shop which sells amazingly cooked half a chicken for only Rm14 plus tax... guys this is the place to go for lunch next time... and the 2nd thing was the chocolate paper tosai! a very very interesting snack.... and it goes with anything.. from kent's Rm4 ice kacang to the chicken's gravy :P.....

look even got sprinkles =.=''
yeah... and thx yen and grace for trying to cheer me up as well haha... but i'm fine already :D.... i told u all confirm one say only right? And to Ken, lsmail and the rest who i'm too lazy to type... thx as well.... :D well tomorrow starts my study week... :S.....till then..

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