Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Internet DNS sever is down ppl!!!! why? i have no idea... stupid streamyx people.. can't live without them.... can't live with them..... so here are some of the faces people will show when they could not get the internet to work....*i'm freakin tried now... sorry for thr lame nonsense i'm putting up.....and currently worried about ling....

"The hacker face" :
knows how to hack the sever, therefore similes...
"The Question mark face":
lost and worried... thus constantly asking in forums how to solve the problem
"The pisser off face":
Normally failing to solve the problem because they get angry and curse before anything happens,
normally expects internet to work in a blink of an eye...

"The laid back face":
lazy to solve the internet crisis thus resolving to sleep while waiting for "it" to get better itself...

"The looker up face":
Always tear opens computer parts... modem, CPU, Monitor etc to find out the problem, thus making the problem worst...

"The intelligent chun face":
knows the computer from head to toe therefore sloving the crisis before there is even one...

"The cheap face":
never pays the bills on time because they are normally broke and they still dare ask...
"why the internet not working one!!!"

"The &%*# face"
go figure...... XD

so what face are you when the internet was down?

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