Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The adventures of MOMO bear

one day,

oo and edge... lets see whats here
wow cool view!!
where did momo go to?
was playing with my camera so i made this story ..haha thought this was cute..
anyways... was spending my day at campus trying to study but end up playing alot... =.=.... but i couldn't say it was worthless lol i at least voted grace ;)she's cute XD

brought cabonara pasta and the rest was digging on my lunch =.=grace guarding her....
nuggets XD.. so cute la those tiny things
wonders of the world
jia kent this is for u, adam was trying to explain the D^%^ face thing.. enjoy...awwwww....
shot of the day...note steves face... XD
ended day by studying!!! yes!!! still thinking to go college anot le...

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