Saturday, April 18, 2009

Updates... finally eh>?

Do not ask why i'm blogging so early... i don't know why either...i just woke up at 7.40 a.m today and i could not sleep no mater how much i toss and turn.Look at my phone for the time... smiled, got the hell up and here i am...... so today since i'm so tired.... i'm gonna update a tee bit sungai wang style :D picture and words*bet alot are happy i'm finally using so much pictures* don't be confused :)...*hint
let see... ok this is how Friday all begin...
class was ok... cruz and some of my baby's

then our little skit in ECS...

suzuki nerding up!!
*and hung out at the pool station in the afternoon

at evening when for the orientation dinner
& that was when i was waiting for babe to arrive

once again suzuki made me try the sunglasses on

she still was no there.. i even finished my coke :(
the weather was freakishly hot!!

then she arrived!! signature hat and all haha...
the hold class camhore like crazy! i only took a few pics as usual
I will pose more when nick post them up....

then what happen was the buffet which sucked!!!
and performances and dancing.....that's all the info!! :)

then morning came and it was time for mass colympics!!
it was not fun lo.. felt like 18bucks wasted...

cruz and mich.S munchin on Uncle BOB chicken :D haha
why the sad looks? it was because we had to wait so long just to play our paintball match :(
at least got babe to hang out beside me :)
mich.S happy face when paintball was starting!!!
she forced us to wait all the way!!!
the smile was worth it i guess :D

then azhar when and break the bench with his weight!!! hahaha
just kidding.... there was three others on it..

found out the goodie bag they gave us was a goodie bag indeed haha...
gave my levi mouse pad to Lee... she was happy..
So was i
got bored.. and camhore again... haha cause the pic at the dinner was not clear
says me....
played the new ver. risk painfully with jed and philip.G
when and save some ppl in PAROIMIA.

yes i think that's about it... two days in pictures summarized....
give me some time babe... i do love you.. but i don't wanna rush things xoxo

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