Monday, April 27, 2009

Some pics...

first and foremost..... apologies for the late upload... this is only part one la... some of the best pics i guess... and again apologies to be camera friends cause i'm too lazy to edit any of the pics .. so they look feel free to grab

what u looking at?

its just jed la..

carmen looks like a model... still can see the fling in her hair..
as requested by jia wei
requested by jeshu
*note two couples are in this pic ;D
the crowd!!! @.@ it was like 7 only so much

backstage pass view...
meet the bouncers... haha
*anora:" you!.. D90!!!!

look familiar?

i blured her face to keep her hidden!!! OMGOSH!!haha

my camera women of the day :)
her friend

it was mamak after that!!!

my maggie goreng which came on time!!!!

then princess was played by bern.... 0.0

thats for now... wait awhile la k

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