Saturday, April 18, 2009

Short drinks,short feel,long feel, long drinks......

yes i know i've not been updating on what is happening recently that many are like complaining i'm ignoring them...i'm still torn between choices....some say its too risky some say go for it, some.. do it so you dont regret one day.....its still messed up from the other side... no clear answers.... GOSH!!!! i need to picked one side soon and stop sitting on the fence which i'm already half way on the other side which i do want to cross over :S sigh the hardship of choice... wish it could be more clearer..... hmm but now i'm just too tired and worn out from mas colympics and PAROIMIA..... yes got babe mich to go next sat!..... hahah mission success! hmm well for now i'll just leave with this till tommorrow... :D

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