Wednesday, April 1, 2009


err... sorry for the delay on blogging... i'm kinda busy with the starting of coll.... @.@ this to do that to do ... aiyayai!!!! hecticnya.... and oh i have resolved to start using malay as much as possible!!!! i do not want to screw up my BKA!!!And my also very supportif pals from coll.... once again I"M NOT JOY!!!!!!!! STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!! haha.... & I DONT WANNA FREAKIN RESIT THIS SUPER STUPID SAD CLASS FOR LOSERS!!! =.= yes yes i'm one loser as well till i end this i can't get sheena's pic so introducing her will be another time la... for now i'll just repost on the bukit cahaya... and there you have it... the monkey bite on my right calve .. my friends say it looks like a robot... haha...

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