Wednesday, April 15, 2009

one step come on,two step come on.....

hmmm life has not been good one me lately as the pain of choice has been hitting me... grrr... i hate choosing, but does that make me a coward of the results of choice? some parts i guess so.. but i don't think so all the same... well... alot has been happening lately that I'm too lazy to blog!currently at Starbucks blogging from my friends i just got hit from the back from a motorist!!! God bless you man... so my back hurts like crap right now, needed a place to sit, so here i am... well yesterday.......hmm... aha.. when ice skating with my pals again yesterday...cause my BKA class was canceled... YES!.. and had paintball briefing...then after ice skating awhile.. went sake-sushi with babe.... had an interesting conversation with her la... nothing more....*what u all thinkin ah? well... i'm going off from here because my friend wants to do something with the lappy while i enjoy my espresso and lick me wounds.. :D

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