Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feeling tired la!!!

Azhar's trying to be Malaysian slang is driving up my brain right now as i'm having a massive headache since IHC class :( i think i will go and wait awhile before i rest.. maybe i'll just pop some pillss!! muahaha*panadol la!!!* haha well was talking to jo and lee before i left for home just now and our class was one of the most scandalous couples... haha i think we got like alot of ppl who are not single there... AHEMM..*cough*cough....haha..anyways... leaving that... there are so many more assignments that i still haven't touch and they will be due in like? what? 3 weeks? haha i guess thats like a calling welcome to college....
i'm waiting for tonight, then i'm waiting for tommorrow,
i'm somewhere in between,
what is real and what's a dream

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