Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Batter up!!!

i'm so lazy to tag this pictures with my blog title and signature... so grab all u wan T.T... thx to
Bka class i'm so drained!!! when i could be hanging out at sunway...
AND PAROIMIA has just overflow!!! so there will be two shows on Saturday!!!
OMGOSH!!! more work for me!!! anyways.. lunch pictures
smile :)

notice only eshia is posing @.@*camera was on self timer
nick this for you la... mich.S sippin on jus anggur!!!
for ......... adib!!XD sorry pinto!!
this is what i had.. seafood pizza
the most oily thing then i guess?
Eshia was facinated by the olive oil... haha
Picture of the day *smiles*

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