Sunday, March 22, 2009

Knife...cuts like a knife.......Love? like a frekin.. chainsaw!!!!WOOT!!

ok.... i dono why, but once again its love season.... i don't get it ppl!! why during certain times of the year there is always love problem with my friends.... sigh.. can't life be more simple? i guess not... anyways... after reading hoe yen's blog once again.... another good question struck me :) and it is..... drum roll....

Why do we still love even if we hurt thousand times?!!!???!!??

And i looked this up online... and here are some of the answers......
  1. because its in our nature to love and be loved. if we get hurt it makes us want to be loved even more
  2. We continue to love because the benefits of love are far greater than the cons of pain. We all know that we are going to endure pain in some way in our lives, so, naturally, everyone wants to counter that pain with love. I know this is a relatively stupid analogy, but think of it this way. You have a donut. Someone punches you in the face and takes it away. That doesn't mean you don't still like donuts. Everyone loves the feeling of being in love. Also, when one is in pain it makes them want it more to drown out the pain
  3. because there is someone out there that won't hurt you like the rest so you keep going until you find that one and you get hurt a lot along the way.
  4. sometimes when you love someone, its best to let em go
  5. because you r not smart
  6. Because even though we get hurt, we still love the feeling of being in love. The butterflies that erupt in your stomach everytime (s)he's near. The smile perminently plastered on your face just thinking of them. The way they care about you unconditionally and genuinely. You can't have love without hurt. Sad to say.
  7. Human nature. It's what the good lord intended for us to do...

    We love because he first loved us
    ~ 1John 4:19~
  8. to keep yourself busyyy
  9. Because if there isn't love then there is no point in living.
  10. Because our bodies crave love.
    We want it so bad, when most of the time it ends up getting us hurt, I almost think we crave hurt too. For some reason.. no matter how much we have been hurt we keep going back to what ever is hurting us,
  11. We continue to love because the feeling of love is greater than the feeling of hurt and pain.
  12. Because when you're in love, your heart feels pure joy at all times. And pure love, even when crushed, is joyful, and overcomes the pain.

so tada!!!! haha... well you can clearly see the different in everyone's tone and msg but it still tieds everything down to a few main points which is..... ITS HUMAN NATURE......THATS THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES.......WE ALL NEED LOVE.......LOVE OVERCOMES ALL
the most funny one was because your not smart... haha... but its true... we are not smart people when it comes to the crazy little thing called love.WHY? Its human nature? NO!.... but i think the answer lies deep with in each of us, as you know love is different to different people... its not always the same game... and its not a game in the first place well look here....It's important to understand that it's not your fault when or if a date goes bad. However, you can begin blaming yourself if the person that you are dating continues to treat you poorly and you still stick around for more.There is a reason why people break up and it's usually because one or the other person isn't happy. If you keep on dating the same guy or girl, then you are never going to find someone that makes you completely happy. You must understand that you cannot force someone to want you or even to love you. As heartbreaking as it may be at the time, it's always best to let go of someone that is hurting you. This way you can move onto someone that is going to treat you better. It takes a lot of courage to leave someone that only wants to hurt you and often it takes someone taking a few steps forward to say that they have had enough.

well.....If you find yourself going back to the same person over and over again, then it's because a part of you really loves them and a part of you really cannot stand them. Their comes a point that you just have to say no and usually this is when you no longer want to be second best.
then again i found this word from an expert who puts it quite well what i'm trying to explain here.. :)

When someone plays "head games" with you, it's usually because they are involved with another person and they don't want to tell you that. They are just stringing you along as second best or as a backup plan. You don't want to deal with this kind of behavior and you certainly don't want to put yourself as second best to anyone. You need to find someone else who will value you 100% and realize that you have a loving heart. You are a blessing and you must understand that there is a true soul mate out there for everyone. Anyone can meet the man or women of their dreams and its important for you to understand that it may not be the person that you have been dating on and off for all these months or years.

so... i hope this can help anyone who stumbles across this post :)

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