Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey don't be so downcast.......

if your close enough to me you would know what happened yesterday... :S... oh well... i didn't feel like blogging anyways.. but i had to thx some of my weird pals... like how i was talking to Collin yesterday night through msn....and i can't copy the message direct from msn... stupid blogger!!

me:dude, its two diffrent things man...
what does Santa got to do with this?
you know why? Its cause Santa is happy all the time because?
Collin: Because he knows where all the bad girls live!!! hehe..
right? right? yeah?
show me love man haha

i still do love you... would you wanna give it another shot? :^(
senseless pals i've got who with no fail
to make my day...
in the weirdest ways

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