Sunday, March 22, 2009

dark corner.....*continuation to the post from hoe yen's house*

funny is it that we always find comfort in a corner?

It was only today that i realize that how much we all can feel safe in a corner.....and in that corner of sanctuary we find relief and it even works as a pit stop to us some times.... yesterday i was quite stunned when hoe yen suddenly sat at a corner of her house and started to talk to her self trying to calm herself cause she was hesitant to call YS..... hmm.. well when i tried googling on corners... i found songs and to my surprise many articles written on coners where of christians... and for christians... now now... i don't mean to say that christians are crazy ppl who sit in corners and talk to themselfs when troubles come, but hey, i am very much sure that alot of ppl do that too you know.... soo... what i come down with, is that when you sit in a corner u have your back all covered...and look at this sitiuation... when ur being stressed out? u will be CORNERED at a CORNER or wall.. while when you feeling down a nice warm CORNER of the wall is always nice right?... haha... well my point is that somethings in life when our relationship comes to the point of a coner... it may not always be the end of it.... dont forget that ur not in a box... but corner.... so... take a few steps back and walk the other way :)....
Leviticus 19.27 forbids Shaving and cutting your hair short. “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.
and this is a weird verse i found in the bible when i looked up corner in my computer bible... haha...... oh and the most awsome thing happen at taylors today... i'll blog abouit it tommorrow.... :)

ok so set things straight.... i changed my course to mass communication now... and the reasons are quite personal.. so ppl stop asking lah... ahha.... unless... u really wanna know then i'll tell la...
then again... ppl are askin what do i do with my spare time now? since i'm free now? well i playing blackshot.... :) my name is eatthis there... i'll pawn you.. believe me :)

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