Sunday, March 1, 2009


well today has been surprisingly FUNNY!!! really! firstly hoe yen*the chick's link on my blog wan her number ask her yourself*!!!! came back to church again!!! so we chat.. over my sprite and her TEH CINA..... AND she has grown soo much haha but seriously, i'm very very proud of her ...i still remember the days where she would just whine and nag about her problems and how the world didn't revolve around her and now.... she has made many many choices that are mature! I'm liking this new side of hers !THX U GOD PRAYERS answered !!!KEEP IT UP BABE!!! sorry girl i just had to put this here...XD.....and i've got a crush now which i just figure out i do like her dang!!! Anyways i've notice that many ppl do not use the cc box on my blog and text me when they read my blog instead..... annoying!!!!! haha... SO i've come down to teh point which i would GO FOR CULINARY ARTS!!!! BUT KDU OR TAYLORS....PLS VOTE NOW!!!!!

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