Wednesday, February 25, 2009


yes ppl new york new york is the way to go...... i think it only available in one-utama i hope to see many more of these store around cause the food is GOOD!! haha when there with some friends so here is the food review!DRINKS are on the fair side if u oder milkshakes and the coffee but the Can drinks are a rip off.. RM5.90 a can!!!! THE FOOD.... PIZZA... the flavors are really american so its not for the malaysian tastebud really dont try it unless ur ready to be dissapointed......THE BURGERS...i can fairly say the best in KL so far and their big enough for those hungry tummys and if you are daring you can oder the MEGA HUGE burger which would cost RM43.90 if i'm not wrong...its mostly buns but its enough to take Christian Tan down and he could only kill half of it..... the picture is there and its 8inches ppl need a say more?

a must try!!!!

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