Friday, February 6, 2009


ok here is the thing...sorry i just remembered it so few weeks ago i went out with PJ1 cg for cycling and later on we when for bak kut teh! At shah alam and it was great!!! so here is the funny thing... while we were eating....*clouds... start imagining again ppl!

Winson:so guys how's the food?
Clarice:Aaaaa.. its great i'm just having a fight with the chicken meat!
*everyone chimes in while giving her that OMG look....*
Clarice:Did i say anything wrong?

so apperently clarice has just found out that bak kut teh is pork....and she has been thinking it was chicken for ... as long as she lived..haha... it aws so funny i tell u... stil laughin now... so thats it for now... Remember ppl BAK=PORK!

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